In the Dark When it Comes to Glamcor Lamps? We Can Shed Some Light on That…


We’ve stocked Glamcor Lights alongside London Lash products since 2016, so at this point, they sort of feel like an extension of us. Between then and now, the team at Glamcor has continued to innovate, and we’ve introduced a number of those innovations to the London Lash store so that you have ample choice of Glamcor Lights to choose from when you come to invest in the best.

What They Have in Common

There are a few things that all Glamcor Lights have in common, so we’ll go over those before we start looking at their differences, so that you know that whichever choice you make, you’re going to have great results. 

They’re all really lightweight and super easy to transport if you need to take them on the road, which is super handy, especially if you’re a mobile Lash Tech. Plus, with the exception of the Glamcor Horizon, all Glamcor lights come with a carry bag to help you transport your light with you anywhere you go. 

All Glamcor lights have adjustable dimming stages, which means that you always get the best possible lighting for the task at hand, whether that’s applying lashes, checking for stickies, or content creation. 

With the exception of the Glamcor Reveal, all Glamcor lights have a telescopic base that is super easy to adjust, meaning that you get the light you need exactly where you need it. If you’re short on space in your work area, any Glamcor light can be affixed to the Universal Flat Base Stand, which frees up a bunch of space and slides right under your lash trolley or beauty bed.

Glamcor Elite X - $381

The original shape with updated features – there’s a really good reason the Glamcor Elite has been a Lash Technician fave since they launched, and why they’re still the go-to for Lash Techs, both new and advanced.

You’ll know from the previous point that all Glamcor Lights have adjustable dimming stages, but what set the Glamcor Lamp apart was that the two luminary arms were also completely adjustable – not only are the arms themselves flexible, but the lights themselves swivel so that you have full control over where gets lit up.

glamcor elite light

Glamcor Revolution X - $387

The Revolution is very similar to the Elite in almost every way, but instead of having two arms of the same length, one arm is longer than the other. This is really helpful if you have a wider beauty bed and need that extra couple of inches to properly illuminate the other side of your client’s face.

Glamcor Multimedia X Content Creation Kit - $599

Similar again to the Elite, but with the addition of a third arm in the center which is there to hold your phone. This beauty lamp also comes with a holder for an iPad, and a mirror. It is a great choice for those of you who love to film your lash sets to get content for your social media and/or website.

glamcor multimedia kit

Glamcor Capture - $284

Another great choice for content creators out there, but this time with only one luminary arm. The Glamcor Capture is a good option for Lash Technicians who are just starting out and are looking to keep costs a little bit lower, or for those who need to make content on the go. 

Glamcor Reveal - $225

Another great option for beginner Lash Technicians, the Glamcor Reveal is a single-armed Glamcor Light that has a clamp base, rather than the usual telescopic stand that other lamps have. 

If you’re short on floor space, this is one of the best options as it allows you to simply clamp the light onto your beauty bed or even your lash trolley. If you’d like to put it on a freestanding base, you could get it alongside the Universal Flat Base Stand.

the glamcor reveal attached to a table with its clamp attachment

Glamcor Horizon - $465

The most recent addition to our Glamcor Light collection, the Horizon has already sold out multiple times since we introduced it back in October 2023! 

The Horizon has a curved luminary which allows you to get even lighting across your client’s whole face, and is of course completely adjustable as any Glamcor light is. 

Like the Glamcor Capture, the Horizon has an additional arm with a phone holder to help you get perfectly lit content! We have a post solely about the Glamcor Horizon if you want to know more.

Whichever Glamcor Light you choose, we know you’re going to love it! While they might seem like a big financial outlay, especially to beginner Lash Techs, good lighting is absolutely essential when it comes to lashing well and lashing safely.