Big and Bold or Light and Wispy, Here’s What You Need to Create Any Kind of Hybrid Lashes!

Before we start, what are hybrid lashes? Put simply, hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes. Typically, a hybrid lash set is thought of as a 50/50 split between classic lash extensions and volume fans, but there are so many different ways to apply a set of hybrid lashes, depending on what kind of look your client would like and what their natural lashes are like as well. 

If you’d like to know more about hybrid lashes before you get into which products are best to add to your collection when you’re ready to branch out, take a look at these blog posts first:

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Which Lashes You Need

There are so many ways to apply hybrid lashes, and we’ll try to cover as many as we can in a simple way without it feeling overwhelming.

It’s best to start with the basics before you start to branch out, so opt for 0.15 classic lashes and 0.07 volume lashes to make fans up to 5D.

For a lighter look, try using 0.10 lashes for both your classic lashes and 2D fans.

For a bolder look, try 0.05 lashes in fans up to 9D and flat lashes in 0.20.

DID YOU KNOW: flat lashes are created by fusing two much finer lashes together? This means that they have the appearance of a thicker classic lash but only weigh around half as much, meaning that you can create bolder lash looks without worrying about whether your clients’ lashes will come to any harm! 

If you're looking to start offering Hybrid Lashes but you haven't yet mastered Volume Lashes, you can also check out our Premade Lash Fans, or even our Easy Fan Lashes, which help you achieve volume lash looks faster, while still being safe!

different types of london lash eyelash extensions on a conveyer belt falling into a shoppig basket

Choosing A Glue

If you’ve already found a lash extension glue that you love, you can absolutely continue to use it for hybrid lashes. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re new to volume lashes, it can take a little longer to place your extensions than you place your classic lashes.

If you’re still getting to grips with volume lashes, it can be worth using a more gradually curing adhesive for the volume lashes in your set, or increasing your humidity while you apply the classic lashes and/or decreasing it while you apply your volume fans. 

TOP TIP: when applying a hybrid lash set, apply your classic lashes first and then take a piece of tape to hold them back while you apply your volume lash fans. This will make it easier to achieve full coverage and will also reduce the chance of your lash extensions sticking together.

Which Tweezers to Pick

The likelihood is that if you’re doing hybrid lashes, you’ve already got the tweezers you like to use for classic lashes and for volume lashes. If you don’t, you can take a look at our classic lash tweezers here and our volume lash tweezers here

One really good pair of tweezers to invest in that will help you with classic lashes and making quick 2D fans are multifunctional tweezers. These are also a really good choice for working with easy fan lashes, premade fans, or even very short lashes, as they have very fine tips which allow you to see exactly what you’re doing as you work. 

a close up of tweezer storage holding eight different types of lash extension tweezers

Anything Else?

Lash prep products like Lash Cleanser and Lash Primer will help your lash sets last for longer, and will show your clients that you value their overall experience with you as well as their lash health. Take a look at this blog post to see what the best lash prep routine for you might be. 

You should always have some lash remover on hand in case you need to take a lash set off for a client. Cream Remover is the best choice for removing full sets of lashes, while Gel Remover is ideal for spot removal during a lash fill

Lastly, no lash extension kit is complete without tape and under eye patches which protect the bottom lashes while you’re applying extensions. 

If you want to take out the guesswork entirely and don’t mind leaving some of the lash choices to chance, we have a kit that’s been curated for you. It contains a selection of lashes and products for classic and volume lashes, making it absolutely perfect for getting you started on hybrid lashes!