Boosting Your Business Without Breaking the Bank: How Black Friday Sales are Designed to Benefit You


If you’ve been patiently waiting to check out some Black Friday deals for the last few months, you don’t have to be patient for much longer! With Black Friday 2023 mere weeks away, now is a great time to plan ahead and get the absolute best out of them where your business is concerned! While we can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll be saving in the London Lash Black Friday sale just yet, we can give you some insight as to how to put those savings to your advantage in a few different ways…

Low Risk, High Reward

While the exact discounts are under wraps right now, we can tell you that they’re going to be big! This is a great time to stock up on or try out lashes that you haven’t used before – the more variety you have in your lash arsenal, the more looks you’ll be able to create. The more looks on offer, the wider your client base. 

There are new trends and lash mapping styles popping up all the time, and with the holidays on the horizon, people will be looking for a Lash Tech to give them the fun and festive lashes they’ve been dreaming of. 

Simply by adding flat lashes or brown lashes to your collection, you massively increase the range of lash looks that you can create. With festivities coming up, it makes sense to add some colored lash extensions to your collection too!

a set of lashes with spikes made of different colored lash extensions


Find Your Niche

In a complete 180 from the last point, sometimes having too much choice is overwhelming for clients and for you. If there’s a particular lash style that you love, it can pay dividends to make that your niche or the style you’re known for. Aisha Jagieva is the queen of the eyeliner look, Monica Vipond from Peace Lash is an industry leader when it comes to wispy lash looks, and Nhi (Norah) Mai from Lash Heroine’s Manga Lash looks are quickly becoming the thing of legends. 

Carving out a niche for yourself can be super lucrative because it means that you become the go-to Lash Tech for that style, and it can even mean that your career progresses in other ways too, such as with invitations to speak at lash events to inspire other Lash Techs. 

Having a niche means that you will need to use the same type of lashes a lot which means stocking up a lot, so it makes sense to stock up when the prices are significantly lower.

Increased Profit Margins

When you save money on your lash extension supplies, you make more money per treatment. As it stands, when you price your lash sets you’ll (hopefully) have taken into consideration how much your products cost per treatment, and added on extra for your time and level of expertise. 

With Black Friday sale prices applied, your product cost per treatment is significantly reduced, and therefore you have a higher profit margin on each treatment. Those higher profits are ideal for seeing your business through the quieter months that come at the beginning of the year, or for putting away to invest in furthering your career, whether that’s additional education or attending events where you can hear from and rub shoulders with industry icons! 

a lash extension kit

Attract New Clients

Another way that you can use those higher profit margins to your advantage is to offer welcome discounts to new clients, or even have your own Black Friday deals on for your existing clients. You basically make the same profits as normal set for set, but you benefit from higher footfall and if you make sure all of your brand new clients are booked in for Lash Fills three weeks later, you have the opportunity to snag some extra long-term clients. 

Black Friday deals are exciting, there’s no two ways about it. What they can also be is a really great way to advance your career, whether you’re looking to expand your treatment list or narrow it down, you have a really fantastic opportunity to boost your business without breaking the bank!