The Who, What and Why of Eyelash Extensions – How to Show Your Clients They’re in Safe Hands From the Get Go.

As a Lash Technician, you know that the beauty of eyelash extensions lies not just in the technical skill of application but also in the art of understanding your client's needs. This understanding can only begin with a client consultation, which – though crucial – is an often underrated step in the eyelash extension process. Whether you're new to the lash world or looking to refine your consultation approach, this guide is tailored for you.

Understanding the Client's Vision

Every client walks in with a vision, whether it's a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation. Your role is to translate this vision into reality, and to never assume that every client wants the same look.

Back in 2014 when lash mapping styles were only just being refined, and it was common practice to use lash extensions that were too thick, all in the same length and curl, and you might have gotten away with a one-size-fits-all approach, but these days clients expect and deserve better.

By not tailoring looks to your clients based on their eye shape, preferred style, and the way their lashes grow, etc., you’re basically showing that you’re stuck in the past.

client consultation

A Consultation is a Two-Way Street

A better name for a consultation is simply a conversation. Ask open-ended questions about their lifestyle, their daily makeup routine, do they perhaps wear glasses on a daily basis and what is their inspiration – is this lash set for an event? Will they get in trouble at work if they have huge lashes or is that what they’re going for? 

Some clients might want natural wispy lash extensions in line with the effortless and trendy ‘clean girl aesthetic’, while others might want the drama of Kim K lashes. Understanding their specific needs helps in recommending the right style, and the right style can be the difference between a 5 star review and a lifetime client, or a free removal.

Hold Up, What If I Have A Niche?

Sure, some Lash Techs do a little bit of everything, while others become an absolute master of one specific type of lash look. There are a lot of pros for either approach, and we’d never discourage a Lash Tech from either one but even if you have an established niche and are THE Lash Tech to visit for the best Wet Look Lashes anyone’s ever seen, you should still take into account what the client actually wants as well as their eye shape and bone structure. 

If they come to you for light and wispy lashes, then full on dramatic wet look lashes aren’t going to float their boat – instead opt for Angel Lashes and you’ll both be happy – the main thing is to listen to their needs, and work with them. Having the versatility to give a client their dream lashes will not only cement your reputation but it will boost your income too. 

client consultation

Health and Safety: Non-Negotiable

An integral part of the consultation is discussing health and safety. Eyelash extensions, though generally safe, do come with a couple of risks. It's essential to inquire about any allergies, eye conditions, or past reactions to treatments – this is not just about determining if they can have the treatment, but also about how to tailor it to their specific needs. 

For instance, a client with sensitive skin might require different eyepatches, or even some foam tape in place of eyepatches, this is the perfect time to check if they can close their eyes fully so that you can save time during treatment, and reduce the risk of chemical burns straight off the bat. 

These details matter in delivering not just a beautiful set, but a safe and comfortable experience.

Remember too that even without any history of allergies to anything lash extensions related, anyone can have an allergic reaction to lash extensions at any time, so it’s worth ensuring that clients are aware of that, too. 

Setting Realistic Expectations

Part of being a Lash Technician means helping clients set realistic expectations. Sometimes, the look a client comes in with may not align with what is safely achievable for them. For instance, a client with naturally short and sparse lashes wanting a bold and dramatic look will need to be told that while you’ll do your best, their lashes may not be as bold and dark as the reference photo they found on Instagram. 

This is also a good time to really get into the details of lash mapping styles, as not all styles suit all clients. True, some clients will be dead set on having a Cat Eye even though they have a wide set of eyes – you can always do a Cat Eye as they ask, and once you’ve built up some trust and rapport over time, maybe suggest trying a slightly different style and try a Squirrel instead. The important thing to remember is that our aim as Lash Techs is always to make our clients happy, so long as we’re keeping their lashes healthy.

Educating the Client

This links nicely to the point above, as many clients might not be aware of the maintenance that eyelash extensions require. Discuss aftercare, the importance of regular lash fills, and how to avoid activities that might shorten the lifespan of their extensions. 

Of course, reiterate at the end of the appointment (while you’re booking them in for their Lash Fill appointment) the importance of good aftercare, but in the first instance, they should be made aware that there is some upkeep involved, as at that point they can still change their mind about having lashes if they decide that any kind of upkeep is a deal breaker. 

To build trust with your new clients, it’s always a great idea to give them a free aftercare leaflet. A great aftercare regime will prolong their lash retention, but it will also save you time during an infill session when they return.

client consultation

Building Trust and Loyalty

There’s no better opportunity to build rapport with your client. In a world where personalization is highly valued, making your client feel heard and understood is key. This trust not only ensures they leave your studio satisfied but also builds loyalty, increasing the likelihood of them returning, and even recommending your services to others.

The Consultation as a Business Tool

Lastly, don't underestimate the consultation as a business tool. It offers you insights into market trends, client preferences, and areas where you might need additional training or products. Keeping a record of consultations can help you track client history, preferences, and even predict future trends – even lashing in a niche can be adapted to the tastes of your clients at any given time, and staying up-to-date and taking notice of common requests will keep your skills and your knowledge sharp!

Overall, client consultations are far more than a preliminary chat. They are a fundamental part of the service you offer, marrying client expectations with your expertise. They ensure safety, foster realistic expectations, educate clients, and build a foundation of trust and loyalty. As you grow in your career, refining your consultation process will not only enhance your skill set but will also elevate your business in the eyes of your clients. Remember, every great lash extension experience starts with a great consultation.