What Exactly Makes Mega Volume Tweezers So Much Better for Mega Volume Lashes? 

Natural lash extensions may be having their moment, but let’s not sleep on mega volume lashes! We all have clients who crave those super dense, dark, fluffy mega volume lashes after all! Sure, you can muddle through and try to create volume fans with any volume lash tweezers, but for the most refined mega volume lashes, investing in a pair of mega volume lash tweezers is really worth your while 

Here’s everything you need to know about our brand new mega volume tweezers, and a little bit about mega volume lashes, just in case there’s anything you’re a little unsure about.

First Things First, What Are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega volume lashes are a variant of volume lashes that are – you might have guessed from the name alone – bigger and bolder than your standard volume eyelash extensions. 

Very simply – and this is slightly open to debate – volume lash extensions are typically how we refer to 2D fans up to 5D fans. 6D-9D are referred to as Dramatic Volume Lashes, and anything larger than 9D tends to come under the category of mega volume lashes. 

mega volume lash extensions

Due to the fans being larger, it’s really important that you create them with finer lash extensions so that you protect the natural lashes. We’ve gone into a bit more detail about which lashes to pick for different types of volume eyelash extensions in this blog post, so be sure to check that out if you’re not too sure. 

Here’s where Mega Volume Tweezers come in…

Why Choose Mega Volume Tweezers?

The finer a lash extension, the more difficult it is to work with and create fans with. If your tweezers aren’t up to the task of creating mega volume lashes, then you’re going to face a lot of frustration and may even think that you’re not up to the task of creating mega volume lashes! The fact of the matter is though, that even more than regular volume lash extensions, to create mega volume lashes you need specialized skills that not only require hours and hours of patience, practice, and determination, but also specialized tools. 


mega volume lashes being fanned with mega volume tweezers

What’s Different About Mega Volume Tweezers?

Mega volume tweezers combine the two best elements that your regular volume tweezers and your isolation tweezers boast – thin tips for accurate and fiddly work, and the super strong grip necessary for creating and controlling your volume fans. 

AN ANALOGY: If you’re new to Mega Volume and you’re struggling to visualize when we mean, let’s think about it in a completely different way – think about holding some playing cards: if you have two cards to hold, it’s easy, and you can do it even if you don’t have very strong grip in your hands. The more cards you need to pick up, the harder it is to keep them together and keep control of them, so you need to use more grip. To that end, it’s easier for an adult who does manual labor to keep hold of fifteen cards than it is for a little kid to do the same – they have hands that are up to that particular task, so they have an easier time doing it. 

Now take that analogy and apply it to lash fans and tweezers – multifunctional tweezers are fine for 2D fans, but they’re small and they’re not designed with grip in mind, so for 2-6D you want volume tweezers to give you the grip you need. Anything bigger than 6D will be a challenge for all but the tweezers with the strongest grip, so it stands to reason that you might want to look into tweezers that have been designed to have the strongest grip. 

As we mentioned briefly above, mega volume tweezers combine Superman levels of grip with much finer tips – this is simply so that you can grip the width of the fan you need to, whilst also seeing clearly that you have nice neat bases that won’t cause you issues with stickies or messy looking lash sets.

Why Are There Different Shapes of Mega Volume Tweezers? 

Like with so many things in your lash extensions kit, there are a range of different shapes so that you can pick the one you want based on your own personal preference. Allow us to introduce you to each of them in turn:

Long Slim Mega Volume Tweezers

These have a nice long tip, making them a great choice for those of you who favor the lonely fan method of volume fanning. Their length is balanced by them being very slim, meaning that not only can you create the most stunning wide mega volume fans, you can control them almost effortlessly! Hello, fluffy mega volume lashes, goodbye split fan bases!

long slim mega volume tweezers in gold

Ultra Fine Mega Volume Tweezers

If you look quickly, these look very similar to the Long Slim variety, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that not only do they have a tip that is two millimeters shorter, but they also have a very different angle to them too! Thanks to the almost 90º angle coupled with the shorter foot, these tweezers are a really fantastic choice for anyone who prefers to use the pinching method for their volume fans.

ultra fine mega volume tweezers in black

Wide Tip Mega Volume Tweezers

Arguably one of the most interestingly shaped pairs of tweezers out there, the thicker boot of these tweezers means that they’re going to be nice for those of you who are completely new to mega volume lashes, as they are that bit thicker and therefore give you a little more control if you’re finding that you don’t quite trust yourself to pick up those big dramatic fans just yet! 

Though the shape might be quite different from any other tweezers in our range, the angle of the boot coupled with that curvy middle mean that they’re far more ergonomic and easy to hold and work with than you might at first think. Give them a try! We’re sure you’ll love them! 

mega volume tweezers in black and gold

Can We Talk About the Price Point? 

Okay, cards on the table – these have a higher price point than other tweezers in our range. We’ve gone into a lot ofdetail in this post about why buying cheap tweezers doesn’t always put you in the best position, so be sure to check that out if you have questions about the price of lash tweezers in general, but very briefly, specialist tools just come at a higher price point – think about all of the development that goes into making them not only super grippy and perfect for what you specifically need them for, but also keeping them lightweight so that they don’t cause you any wrist strain. We’re also really proud of the fact that each and every pair of our lash tweezers are hand-checked multiple times and at multiple stages of their journey from us to you to ensure that they are truly flawless. 

In short, think of your tools as a business investment, and consider the age-old adage ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’.

So, do you really need mega volume tweezers, or can you make do? We’re big advocates for making do when you’re just starting out, but by the time you’re a pro at mega volume lashes, the likelihood is that you have invested in your skills and education to bring you up to a level where you are able to offer that – it’s not easy! So, while you’re investing in your skills, doesn’t it just make sense to have the right tools to be able to really perfect them?