Business on the Bottom, Party on the Top. How Ombre Lash Extensions Bridge the Gap Between Regular Black Lashes and Bold Colored Lashes. 

To put it simply, ombre lash extensions are regular lashes with color at the end. They’re subtle, but they can take your average lash set to a new level which is both softer and a little more bold, without demanding too much attention. 

Let’s take a closer look at the three options that have just arrived in the London Lash store, and then we’ll give you a little bit of styling inspo to get you started with ombre lash extensions. 

Three boxes of ombre lash extensions with an aesthetic background. One of the trays is laying down in front of the others and is partially open



Our ombre lash extensions come in three different colors—pink, purple, and blue. It’s only the very tips of the extensions that are colored, so you get a super cute pop of color that’s pretty subtle, as colored lashes go!

Three strips of ombre lash extensions on a lash palette showing the transition from black to pink

We chose pink, purple, and blue because they’re the most popular of our colored lashes collection. Similarly, these lashes are available in 0.07, which is our most popular thickness for volume lash extensions, allowing you to create fans up to 5D. 

So that you can create any number of looks tailored to your clients individually, these lashes are available in mixed length trays from 8-14mm, and you can get them in C, CC, and D curls which, you guessed it, are the most popular curls!

The lash card of ombre lash extensions showing the transition from black to blue

One other benefit to using ombre lash extensions is that, in having black bases, you can continue to use your regular lash extensions glue instead of swapping to a clear lash extensions glue like Crystal Bond, which we recommend when using colored lash extensions.

Lastly, these lashes are made from the same soft, shiny, easy-to-fan fiber as our beloved Mayfair faux mink lash extensions range, so if you’ve already used our Mayfair lashes, these will feel pretty familiar for you while bringing a little pop of newness! 


Ombre lash extensions having just a pop of color on the tips means that they’re well suited to those standard even top lines that are characteristic of the original Russian Volume technique, which is achieved by dropping down one millimeter as you go up a layer in the natural lashes. 

graphic showing how to apply lash extensions to get an even top line

This concentrates the color in one area, making it a little more eye-catching when you use it all the way across the eye. Even in using this technique though, the color in ombre lash extensions is subtle, meaning that clients who are interested in colored lashes but are nervous to jump straight in with completely colored lashes will be able to only enjoy that pop of color (and the head-turning that comes with them) in bright lights, or in daylight. 

a cat eye lash mapping style using purple ombre lashes

This lash set by London LashMaster Artist and Trainer Iryna Prylypko uses a Cat Eye lash map in C and CC curl, 9mm up to 13mm.

Another way to use ombre lash extensions is to play around with more trendy styles like a Wet Look. The set below (also by Iryna) uses blue ombre lashes to create a playful take on Wet Look Lashes, which is enhanced by the blue, but is kept more subtle than using completely colored lashes

a set of wet look lashes using blue ombre lash extensions

As well as taking the hugely popular Wet Look to a new level, the addition of blue on the tips of the lashes helps to soften the overall look of the lashes by taking out some of the harshness that can come from using solely black eyelash extensions. 

There are so many ways that you can style ombre lash extensions and we’ve barely scratched the surface here! Don’t forget to tag us in your ombre lash extensions sets on Instagram, we can’t wait to see what you create.