Lights, Camera, CONTENT! Here's How to Boost Your Nail Business with High Quality Content

In this day and age, getting good Instagram content is as important as your work, if you want to grow your nail business. As a busy nail tech, it’s so easy to forget to take pictures or film social media content, but it’s something you should try and get in the habit of doing if you want to build your clientele. Insta content is one of those things that can feel really overwhelming, especially when there are millions of people posting a day - but that’s what we’re here for! Let’s look at some easy ways that you can start creating gorgeous content for your gel nails and get your followers pouring in!

a close up of a completed manicure using nude rubber base and thin wavy lines in silver

Before and After Pictures

One way to show just how good your work is is a before and after picture! This is especially effective when you are working with damaged nails, or using natural nail treatments to promote growth and nail health. 

Make sure you take the after picture exactly as you did the before, as an identical shot will make the results even more impactful, and make sure that the difference between the two images is immediately noticeable. 

Work With Me Videos

The type of video content that’s super popular at the moment is ‘work with me’ videos which is a fly-on-the-wall style video. This can either be done as a time-lapse or edited to show the different stages of the nail appointment. Not only are these videos extremely satisfying to watch, but they give a client some insight into what an appointment with you would look like and what it would entail.  


Instagram Reels

If you aren’t making use of Instagram reels then you are missing out! Reels are boosted the most, out of every other type of content by the algorithm. Instagram boost these videos meaning you’re more likely to get a higher reach and engagement on your gel nail videos if you utilise this feature! Some accounts now post 100% video content and never utilise images as they simply don’t perform as well, so make sure you’re incorporating reels into your content plan if you want to be in Insta’s good books!


You’re probably sick of hearing ‘You need to get on TikTok!’, but we’re here to say the same thing… because it’s true. People preach about it all the time but it is an amazing way to reach bigger audiences and therefore gain more clients! It can be a little disheartening as many of your videos will likely get 3 views, but with TikTok, consistency really is key. The type of content you post on the platform is trial and error, as the algorithm is very cryptic and it’s hard to predict what will succeed and what won’t, but just have a play around and see what works!

Close-Up Shots

Detail shots are another thing we’re loving at the moment! Close-up pictures are a great way of showing fine details such as perfect prep, high-shine nails or nail art. You can’t escape anything in these images, so make sure your gel nails are flawless and show your clients your attention to detail.

To create top-quality close-up pictures, we recommend using a macro lens to get as crisp a shot as possible. Our lens set includes a macro lens and a wide lens to level up your Insta game! This little accessory can make all the difference when it comes to setting your content apart from other nail technicians. 

a close up of a fingernail with nude rubber base coat gel nail polish

Good Lighting - Glamcor

It wouldn’t be a content creation blog without us mentioning Glamcor. A Glamcor lamp will change your life and you’ll never look back! Unfortunately, without good lighting, none of our tips will be of any use. If your images are poorly lit or full of shadows, they won’t even get a second glance - it’s a brutal world out there! There is a Glamcor light for everyone, check out the full range here and take your pick! Our personal favourite is the Glamcor Capture, as it has a phone holder attached making creating content easier than ever. It’s perfect for those ‘work with me’ videos we talked about!

A Glamcor lamp may feel like an investment, but it will also double up as your nail lamp, so it’s multipurpose and you will get your money's worth. All of our London Lash, So Henna and Miss Dolla content is shot using Glamcor. If you need more convincing, check out this blog on 'Why Glamcor is Amazing'.

a close up of the two luminaries of a Glamcor Elite X lamp

Now you’ve got all the tools to become a content pro and grow your nail page and your business, it’s time to get to it. Take as many pictures and videos as you can and keep posting them! You’ll find your groove, but be patient… honing a skill takes time, just like becoming fabulous at gel nails did! 

Remember to tag us @Miss_dolla_nails in your nail content and you might just get re-shared!