Everything You Need to Know About Rubber Base, and How to Get the Best Out of It. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen gel nails become increasingly popular. Whether that’s due to acrylate allergies, damage from improper acrylic removal, or just a desire to go more natural, it’s becoming the favourite choice for lots of people!

Buildable gel products are taking the nail world by stormRubber Base is Miss Dolla’s gel polish base that can be used to build the natural nail. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what Rubber Base is and why you need it in your gel nail kit.

a close up of a completed manicure using nude rubber base and thin wavy lines in silver

 What is Rubber Base?

Rubber base gel polish comes in a clear gel polish and a cover gel polish which has a slightly transparent nude colour and a thicker consistency which can be used to build - it’s a similar product to builder gel. It is a flexible and durable gel polish which makes it ideal for use on natural nails that need a little extra support. 

The clear Rubber Base can be used as a standard base coat for a gel polish manicure and a slightly thicker layer of product can be used if you are looking to strengthen natural nails. The coloured Cover Rubber Bases are better suited to being built up, and adding slight length to the nails, however, it is important to note that Cover Rubber Base is not formulated to be used in conjunction with a coloured gel polish. However, they come in a range of beautiful nude colours which are gorgeous on their own with a clear top coat! The main purpose of a rubber base gel is to provide protection for the natural nails. There is a common misconception that builder gel improves the health of the nail or strengthens it over time, however, this isn’t technically true. It simply seems that way due to the protection offered by the rubber base which allows for better growth. Rubber Base gel creates a strong bond with the natural nail, minimising the risk of lifting or peeling which in turn, promotes growth. 

Builder gel or Rubber Base also has self-levelling properties, which makes the application process much easier and creates a beautifully smooth surface. This also makes for an effortless application of coloured gel polish on top of the rubber base for the desired finished look.

Rubber base is very popular for correcting nail imperfections. For example, if a client has a chipped corner on their thumbnail, their growth isn’t wasted as you can simply build the corner back up with the gel instead of filing all the nails down. Bear in mind that Rubber Base is not to be used for extending the natural nail by large amounts.

a bottle of Miss Dolla Rubber Base in clear. The bottle is white with the name in rose gold.

How to Use Rubber Base

  1. Prepare the nails: Preparation for Rubber Base is the same as any other gel polish! Shape your client's nails to their desired shape using a nail file. Then buff the surface of the nails (gently!) until all the shine is removed. Apply Miss Dolla Ph Bond to prep the nails for the product.
  2. Apply a thin layer of rubber base gel to all of the nails, and cure under an LED/UV lamp.
  3. If desired, you can now build with the rubber base gel, by applying a bead of gel to the nail and manipulating it with a thin liner brush until you have a smooth, even layer of gel. 
  4. Cure the rubber base gel again for 30-60 seconds ( we always recommend 60 seconds for the rubber base, especially if it’s built up to allow enough time for the LED/UV to penetrate the gel).
  5. Cleanse the sticky residue: After curing the rubber base gel, it will have a tacky or sticky layer on the surface. Use lint-free wipes to remove the residue. Note; if you are not filing the rubber base, and going straight in with a gel colour, then there is no need to wipe the sticky layer.
  6. Now you can go in with your gel polish colour if this is what your client wants. Remember our Cover Rubber Base gels can’t be used in conjunction with a coloured gel polish. If you plan to apply a gel colour on top of the builder layer, be sure to use the clear rubber base instead.
  7. Finally, to finish your set of nails, you can go ahead and apply Diamond Top Coat to seal and protect your nail design, then cure the top coat under the UV or LED nail lamp. Always wait 30-60 seconds for the nails to cool after curing before applying any moisturiser or oil, to make sure the shine isn’t removed.
a close up of a fingernail with a fresh coat of nude gel nail polish

Rubber base is an amazing way to help your clients grow their natural nails and can produce amazing results that will keep your clients coming back! Add a rubber base to your gel nail kit today and just watch your client’s natural nails grow longer and longer (with regular appointments of course). If you have any questions send us a DM to @miss_dolla_nails and don’t forget to tag us in your nail sets!