Pro eyelash extensions kit "CLASSIC LASHES"


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We’ve put together a collection of all the essential classic lash products so that you can get everything you need to start your successful lash career. The best part? The price of this lash extension kit is more than 30% lower than the regular retail price, plus we've included some FREE product samples for you to try.

This advanced individual lash kit is a great option for training academies who want to offer the best eyelash extension training using London Lash Eyelash Starter Kit, as well as for beginner lash artists finishing lash courses, who are looking for the highest quality products to use for their customers.

London Lash Professional Individual Eyelash Kit includes over 547$ worth of lash products plus it contains FREE SAMPLES!

* Please note that the photos of the eyelash extension starter kit are for illustrative purposes and actual contents may vary slightly based on the variant availability at the time of ordering.

Product details

This eyelash kit includes:


1x Curved Tweezers

1x Straight Tweezers

1x Glue remover for tweezers

Lashes/ Lash accessories:

1x Lashes Mix 0.15 C

1x Lashes Mix 0.15 CC

1x Matt Flat lashes 0.20 C mix

1x Matt Flat lashes 0.20 CC mix

1x Large White Lash Palette

Lash Prep Products:

1x Protein Remover Pads

1x Lash Cleanser 15 ml

1x Lash Primer 15 ml

1x Cleansing Brushes/Applicators (50pcs)

1x Microfibre brushes with bendable tip (pack of 100)

1x Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo

1x Lash & Brow Cleansing Brush

1x Glass Dish

1x Dropper


2x Nano-hydrogel Eyepatches (10 treatments)

1x 3M tape

Glue/Glue Accessories:

1x Lady Bond glue

1x Black stone (Jade stone) for glue placement

1x Glue stickers (pack of 24)


1x Cream glue remover


1x London Lash Mapping Pen - Black

1x Disposable mascara wands 25 pcs

1x Medium lash mirror

1x Macro lens

1x Mannequin lash training head 


1x Satin Bond Glue Sample

1x Superbonder Sealant Sample

1x Kit box

1x Reusable paper bag 



Please note that the photos are for the illustrative purposes and actual contents may vary slightly based on the variant availability at the time of ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What color is the mannequin head in the pro kit?

As with all items in all of our kits, these are selected at random according to stock levels, so we can't guarantee which color you will receive.

Is there anything else you need to start lashing that isn’t in the pro kit?

Not really, this kit has it all! Some items, such as tweezers, come in lots of different shapes so you may find that you would like to try a different shape at some point, but to begin with, this is a really easy way to get started with lash extensions. One item we do recommend for ALL Lash Techs is a hygrometer, as it's so important for you to monitor your room conditions, to ensure that your glue will be able to work perfectly.

Can you change the products in the kit upon request?

Unfortunately not. Items in kits are automatically selected by or system, and swapped out by one of our warehouse team in the event that an automatically selected item is unavailable.

How long will the kit last for a beginner approx

Each item has a different rate of usage, so you will run out of some things sooner than others. It also depends entirely on the number of clients that you see from day to day. Per pack, you would be able to complete:
- Mixed Length Lashes: approx. 5 full lash sets each (depending on style and the client’s natural lashes)
- Eyepatches: 20 treatments
- Lash Shampoo: approx 60 treatments
- Protein Cleansing Pads: approx. 35 treatments
- Cleanser & Primer: approx. 180 treatments
- Glue: approx 25 treatments (we recommend changing your glue every 4-6 weeks to ensure that your glue is fresh for your clients)

Can I use my discount code on this?

No, as the kit will already save you more than 30% compared to adding each item by itself.