Nail Art Inspired by Popular Vacay Destinations

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with nail art designs. There’s a chance your clients will be going on vacation to some dreamy destinations, so why not design their nails inspired by where they’re going? It's time to unleash your creativity as a Nail Technician and offer your clients stunning summer nails. From the tranquil beaches of the Maldives to the vibrant streets of Mexico, the world is brimming with colorful influences that can be beautifully translated onto your clients' nails. In this blog post, we'll explore the hottest summer nail colors and trends that are perfect for capturing the essence of these vacation hotspots.

Tropical Hues: The Maldives

Capture the allure of tropical destinations like the Maldives by incorporating refreshing greens and beautiful blues into your nail designs. Opt for green nail polish shades like mint, lime, or emerald to give the vibe of palm-lined beaches, and complement these with turquoise hues to mimic the crystal-clear Maldives waters. For an added touch, consider reaching for your nail art brushes to paint delicate palm leaves or waves, creating a little slice of paradise on your clients' nails.

Aquamarine gel nails with blue nail polish

Work by @emilia_rose_beauty

Peachy Paradise: Australia

Peach nails exude the warmth of breathtaking sunsets over the famous Australian Gold Coast. Choose from a variety of peach, pink, and red gel nail polishes ranging from soft pastels to bold and vibrant tones to recreate the burning skies. To enhance the charm, why not try creating ombre nails with these colors? Use an ombre nail brush to get a seamless blend and create the most stunning sunset nails with endless color possibilities.

Neon Vibes: Ibiza

For nail technicians seeking to provide on-trend summer nail colors, keep an eye on the latest fashion runways and celebrity influencers. Neon shades are making a big comeback, perfect for clients who desire a vibrant and bold look for a party-central destination like Ibiza! Whether it’s under the blacklights of an underground club or in the sparkling sun around a pool party, make sure those nails are ready to GLOW! The options with neon gel colors are endless, but we recommend a neon French tip - it never fails!

A close up of squared nails with a colored french tip

Pop of Colour: Mexico

Nowhere does color like the streets of Mexico! If your client is heading there this summer, then they’re probably going to want some color in their manicure! They can opt for any vibrant shades like bright red, pink, blue, orange, and green… or all of them! Our top recommendation for Mexico summer nails are 'Kissable', and Louis'. If your client really wants to go all out on the Mexico vibe, why not try Day of the Dead Nails or an intricate Rose design with a bright and captivating red? Make sure you’ve got a thin liner nail brush in your gel nail kit as well as a black gel polish to bring their dream designs to life!

Elegant Shades: Greece

If your client is heading off to the Greek Islands, turn to the classic combination of white and gold. White gel nails with delicate gold accents just scream Greek Goddess! Add intricate nail art patterns such as golden seashells, stars, or geometric designs, and even a pop of that traditional Greek blue with a liner brush!

White and gold summer nails

Work by @emilia_rose_beauty

Pretty in Pink: Paris

Pink gel nails embody the essence of romance and fun, making them a great choice for clients jetting off to Paris for their vacation. Pink offers endless possibilities, from soft blush tones to vivid fuchsia, there's a shade to suit everyone. Check out the Miss Dolla pink collection for every shade of pink nail polish you could possibly need! Your clients might even like the idea of some romantic nail art with hearts, flowers, or other cute patterns to capture the essence of the City of Light!

As a skilled Nail Technician, offering summer nail ideas inspired by popular vacation destinations can elevate your artistry and attract more clients seeking the perfect holiday look. So, step into the world of creativity with your gel polishes and nail brushes at the ready and give your clients the summer nails they love with nail art that captures their beloved vacation spots. Make sure to take pictures of your nail sets and post them on your social media channels so potential clients can see your portfolio - and don’t forget to tag @Miss_Dolla_Nails of course!