Gel Nail Myths and Truths: Let's Set The Record Straight

Gel nails have been a popular treatment in the beauty industry for years and are a sought-after choice for those seeking a durable, glossy finish. Yet, as with any popular beauty innovation, misconceptions and myths persist. Miss Dolla is here to debunk these myths, ensuring you are armed with clarity and confidence about the treatments you’re offering and can pass this on to your clients!

Myth 1: Gel Nails Severely Damage Natural Nails

The Truth:

Contrary to popular belief, gel nails don't inherently damage your natural nails. Believe it or not, the real culprits are improper application, poor-quality products, and incorrect removal techniques. When you invest in top-quality products and follow best practices when it comes to nail preparation, application, and nail removal, there will be minimal damage to the natural nail bed. Regular breaks between gel applications and good aftercare further ensure your clients’ nails remain strong and healthy.

Myth 2: Gel Nail Application is Time-Consuming

The Truth:

While gel manicures do involve precise steps for perfect results, the overall time commitment isn't necessarily longer than a traditional manicure, as the quick curing under UV or LED lights actually accelerates the drying process. If you are looking to decrease your appointment time, an LED nail lamp will cure gel polish quicker than a UV lamp - just check that your products are LED-compatible!

Gel nail application

Myth 3: Gel Nails are Unhealthy due to UV Light Exposure

The Truth:

There's been substantial debate over UV exposure during gel manicures. The truth? The amount of UV exposure during a gel nail session is minimal and brief. Of course, if this is a concern for your clients, you can always opt for an LED lamp, which reduces UV exposure. You can also recommend that your clients apply sunscreen on their hands as an added precaution if they are particularly concerned, but on the whole, it’s nothing to worry about.

UV Gel nail polish

Myth 4: Gel Nail Removal Always Weakens Your Natural Nails

The Truth:

The removal process is critical. Yes, gel nails can be damaging if they're peeled off hastily or filed aggressively. However, if you employ safe soaking techniques and gentle handling, ensuring the natural nail remains intact and undamaged, there is no reason for your clients' nails to be weakened. Make sure you explain to your nail clients how important it is that they don’t pick or peel their gel nails! It’s in their best interest.

Myth 5: Gel Nails Limit Your Design Options

The Truth:

Some people think of gel nails as one plain, block color when, in reality, gel nails are a Nail Artist's dream. The gel's consistency allows for intricate designs, layered effects, and the use of a myriad of colors. Whether it's the classic French tip, a marble effect, or floral decals, gel nails offer boundless possibilities. Have a look at this blog for all of our gel nail art ideas!

Colorful gel nails with nail art

Myth 6: Gel Nails are More Expensive in the Long Run

The Truth:

While the upfront cost for a gel manicure might be slightly higher, its longevity offers value for money. With regular manicures chipping within days, gel nails maintain their charm for weeks. Over time, fewer visits to the salon for touch-ups and repairs might actually save you and your clients valuable money and time.

Myth 7: Gel Nails Look Unnatural

The Truth:

With regular advancements in the beauty industry, gel nail formulas have evolved to offer a natural-looking finish. Whether you prefer a sheer, translucent shade or a full-color finish, gel nails can be as subtle or as dramatic as you desire. Whether your clients like neon-nail art or a barely-there look, with the right gel colors and products, you can bring their vision to life! Miss Dolla has recently developed Hema-free coloured rubber bases - they offer the most natural gorgeous finish and excellent retention. 

Natural gel nails using gel nail polish

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Knowledge is the bridge that turns myths into understandings. Gel nails, when understood and embraced with the right information, become the perfect option for those looking to combine lasting beauty with style. At Miss Dolla, we merge expertise with premium products, inviting you to experience the world of gel nails in all its glory. It's time to put the misconceptions to rest and let your clients’ nails shine, shimmer, and express! As always, don’t forget to tag us in your nail pics!