Micro Fiber Swabs 100pcs


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Micro fiber brushes 100pcs Less package - Lower price

- these extra fine fibre-tipped brushes allow for precise applications, retaining only small amounts to avoid wasteful usage of product.

- perfect for applying primer, or removing lashes

- they are precise and allow you to work one lash at a time with ease

- packed in a flat plastic bag

 - brush diameter is 2mm


Available in a variety of colors. 


Product details

  • 100 brushes per pack 
  • Brush diameter: 2mm

How to use

  1. Take 2 micro brushes.
  2. Apply a drop of selected product and sandwich natural lashes in between two micro brushes to spread the product evenly. Follow further instructions for a specific product.
  3. Dispose after use.
  4. Always use fresh micro brushes for each of the products.
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