TikTok Nail Trends of 2023: Maximise Your Potential

As a leading supplier in the nail industry, Miss Dolla is keenly aware of the impact of social media trends on the Nail Technician community. In 2023, TikTok became a frontrunner for innovative and eye-catching nail designs. This blog will delve into specific TikTok nail trends and how Nail Technicians can utilize these designs to expand their repertoire and services.

  1. Geometric Minimalism

Geometric designs with a minimalist approach are all the rage. Think crisp lines, dotting techniques, and asymmetrical patterns. Stocking precision tools like fine brushes and dotting tools, along with a range of basic colors, will enable you to recreate these sophisticated designs.

Minimalist geometric nails

  1. The Chrome Effect

Metallic and chrome nails are capturing TikTok's attention. Chrome powder or Chrome gel polish can be used over any color to create these futuristic, mirror-like finishes. These products are perfect for clients looking for a high-impact, glamorous look. They can also be used as an all-over effect or a subtle addition to a French manicure. The possibilities are endless!

Chrome nails using chrome powder

Work by @nailsbypaular on TikTok

 3. Pastel Swirls and Waves

Soft pastels in swirling, fluid designs are hugely popular. These whimsical patterns require a range of pastel polishes and blending tools. Pastel swirls can be created with any range of colors, which means they can be tailored to clients who prefer a more subtle, neutral design or clients who prefer a brighter and bolder look. 

Pastel swirls nail art

  1. Pressed Flower Art

The botanical theme is super popular among TikTok users! This look can be created using water transfer stickers of miniature flowers and foliage, or it can even be hand drawn using nail brushes and nail art tools! This is the perfect all-year-round nail look. 

Flower nail art with water transfer nail stickers

  1. Neon Pop Art

Bright neon colors with pop art-inspired designs are a hit on TikTok. Neon polishes, stencils, and decals for creating bold, graphic looks are all popular. Another trend is cartoon pop art nails, which uses a gel nail polish design with a matte topcoat to give the illusion of a cartoon. These are perfect for clients who love to make a statement with their nails. With this type of nail design, intricacy and precision is important. Only perform these designs if you feel confident in achieving the look so you can leave your clients satisfied. Alternatively, you can approach this idea with a minimalistic design suited to your skill level.

Pop art nails

Work by @glitter_nail_cave on TikTok

  1. Matte and Glossy Combination

Matte nails with glossy accents trending at the moment, and for good reason. Offering matte top coats with a glossy French tip or an abstract design can be a great way to incorporate textures in a cool, chic way. Perfect for any season, matte nails offer a level of sophistication and appeal to a wide range of clients.

Matte and glossy nails

Staying ahead of TikTok's nail design trends is crucial for Nail Technicians looking to attract a diverse clientele. At Miss Dolla, we are committed to providing the latest products and tools that align with these trends as well as giving you all the inspiration you need! By incorporating these specific designs into your services, you can ensure that your offerings remain fresh, relevant, and in high demand.