Nail Primer: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

Nail primer is one of the most misunderstood nail products on the market! Many Nail Technicians feel it’s an unnecessary extra, but we put that down to not knowing its true purpose and the benefits it can bring! We’re here to talk about what nail primer is, what it does, and why you need it in your gel nail kit!

What is Nail Primer?

Nail Primer is a product used during the nail prep process which contains chemicals, such as methacrylic acid or ethyl acrylate, that  helps to improve adhesion and promote a stronger bond between the natural nail and the gel polish or acrylic. There are a couple of different options when it comes to nail primers - acidic and non acidic. At Miss Dolla, we recognised the benefits of both and therefore created Hybrid Primer which sits in between these two options as a low-acidic primer.

Why is Nail Primer Important?

Nail Primer is a liquid product that acts as a bridge between the natural nail plate and the gel nail polish by creating a sticky layer. By dehydrating the nail and removing any oil, it helps to create a strong bond between the two surfaces which improves adhesion. This in turn reduces the chance of air pockets which can cause premature peeling and lifting - and trust us, no one wants that! It will also reduce the possibility of breakage, as the stronger the bond between the nail plate and the gel nail polish, the harder it is to do any damage. 

One of the number one reasons for a client not returning to you or being a regular on your books is due to poor retention. If their nails are peeling or lifting prematurely time and time again, then often they will spend their money elsewhere. A nail treatment is not (and shouldn’t be) cheap, so it’s important that your customers feel as though they’re getting their pennies-worth in order for you to build a loyal client base. 

a close up of nails after a manicure using light pink nude gel polish.

How to Use Nail Primer

Once you have trimmed the cuticles, filed, shaped and buffed your client's nails, make sure to remove any dust and residue, we then recommend applying the the Miss Dolla pH Bond. This product helps to further improve retention by balancing the pH of the nail plate creating an optimal base. Then, wait a few seconds for it to evaporate before applying your Hybrid Primer. Simply paint a thin layer onto each nail before going ahead with your base coat or builder gel. It’s as easy as that! 

nails being shaped ready for a gel nail polish manicure. The photo is taken from above from the client's point of view

A nail primer such as our Hybrid Primer is an invaluable product for all nail technicians, offering enhanced adhesion, durability, and professional results. By incorporating this super simple step into your services, you can ensure that your clients’ manicures don’t only look stunning but are also long-lasting and resistant to lifting or breakage.


It only takes a few seconds but it can make all the difference to your clients’ results and therefore their experience with your business. 

If you have any questions just pop us a message on @miss_dolla_nails or click the chat icon below, and a member of our customer service team will be happy to help!