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Stainless Steel Plate For Nail File Stickers


As a nail tech, you'll know that you should be using a fresh nail file for each client to keep things hygienic, but that can get pretty costly pretty quickly, and feels pretty wasteful too! So what's the solution?

Introducing a reusable stainless steel nail file plate for nail file stickers! This is a new, hygienic way to prep your clients for gel nails in your nail salon.

Hygienic and cost effective, this stainless steel plate can be used time and time again with only the sticker being replaced, making these files are the best professional choice for your beauty salon in terms of cost, waste reduction and client hygiene! 

How to Use

  1. Simply peel off the backing strip of your chosen nail file sticker and apply it to your stainless steel nail file plate 
  2. File the nails into the desired shape
  3. Remove the sticker from the stainless steel plate and dispose of it
  4. Sanitize your stainless steel plate with disinfectant or in an autoclave, ready for your next client.
  5. Ensure the surface of your steel plate is free from oils, dust and any other debris to ensure that your stickers will stay in place.

Stickers sold separately. Buy 1mm Stickers, or choose 2mm Stickers


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