Rebecca Mark

My name is Rebecca Mark and I am an Approved London Lash Trainer in Ontario, Canada. I have been working within the lash industry for over 8 years, with 6 years experience training in my studio and local cosmetology schools. I have completed many lash courses with top artists in Canada and internationally. 

The detail and precision of doing lashes is what drew me to this career. I fell in love with lashes after seeing how could they could accentuate the eyes using different curls, thicknesses and lengths. I love lash mapping and styling. I love the creativity that comes with this career!

The business achievement I am most proud of is successfully opening my own studio in Pickering, Ontario. I enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis and I love to connect with my clients and students. 

I specialize in natural healthy eyelash extensions and my NEW favourite lash style is the eyeliner look, with a CC & M curl. 

My favourite London Lash products are ALL of the pre treatment products and Mayfair lashes. 

My top tips for new lash artists:

  1. Practice
  2. Don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS
  3. Utilize your mentorship
  4. Invest in your education
  5. MAP, MAP, MAP!


Contact details:

Instagram: @beeauty.mark

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