My name is Mariia Kotova and I am a Certified Eyelash Extension artist with over 6
years of experience. I was among the first members of the National Association of Lash Artists in Canada. 

What inspired me to become a lash artist was that I just wanted to do something in my life to be happy, make other women happy and help them feel better about themselves. For the same reason, I started teaching, to help women achieve financial freedom, and do something to uplift their spirit. No one wants to be under consistent pressure at work, being yelled at by their boss or manager and then going home feeling down or scared that they will not receive their next paycheck.

Do not compare yourself to others! Everyone has their own speed of learning and progress.
Always think about what you are doing and the way you can succeed. You are the only person who matters! And if you have questions or troubles, ask your trainer for help. There is nothing better for trainers than to see and help their students grow.

Russian Volume 3D - Squirrel Shape is my favourite lash styling! I love Russian Volume and especially 3D volume, it is still nice, light and elegant, but creates a bit more dramatic, and even mysterious look. I believe every woman needs to have a bit of mystery in her eyes.

I Cannot live without Volume tweezers and Flexie glue and Lashes. Do not really remember the time I was not using LLP products, but honestly don't even want to remember. LLP has everything i need - Lashes that fan like butter, the glue I can always rely on and tweezers that never strain my wrists.


English, Russian, Ukrainian

Please contact me directly to book your training:
Instagram: @the_lash_pro_studio

2018 - Russian Volume Training with Gergana Stefanova, London Lash Pro, UK;
2018 - Elleebana Lash Lift with Otto Mitter, Ellebana, ON, Canada;
2018 - "Rays or Kim Kardashian’s Effect" with Tatyana Terentieva,
Lash-To-Lash,  Russian Federation;
2018 - "Perfect Line Effect" with Tatiana Terentieva, Lash-to-Lash,
Russian Federation;
2017 - Advanced Styling Training with Anna Matusevich, Belarus;
2017 - "Extreme Retention" with Anna Matusevich, Belarus;
2017 - Accelerator Course with ShugarlashPro, AB, Canada;
2017 - Advanced Volume Training with Yulia Subbotina, Subbotina Lashes, Ukraine;
2015- Russian Volume Training with Ekaterina Kosenko, Studio L, Ukraine

2017 - London Lash Pro: Nominated as Top 100 Eyelash Artists.