Don't Underestimate 'Pretty' | The Importance of Having a Beautiful Space to Work in, for You and Your Clients

Having a pretty space to do lashes might seem like an afterthought – surely having any space is the most important thing, right? If your clients have their eyes closed, what do they care if your space looks pretty or even tidy? There is a lot to be said, however, for the way your salon looks. Here are a few items you can put in your salon or work space to give your clients the excellent first impression! 

Lash Bed and Pillow

When we walk into a treatment room of any kind, we appreciate little things like matching bed covers and pillows – it just comes down to our human need to be surrounded by pretty things and interesting environments, whether that’s the beach, a cool bar with quirky neon signs or a salon with cute furnishings.

Having a matching bed cover and pillow might seem like something to get around to but believe us when we say that having a cute bed to lead your clients to will make a huge difference to their experience and your confidence! Add to that the fact that our lash pillow has a lot of functionality which will improve your clients’ comfort and your own lashing experience too, you’re onto a winner just by implementing this one thing.

memory foam neck pillow for lash extensions

If you weren’t aware, the functionality of the pillow supersedes the aesthetics of it – to a certain degree, because they are super cute! – We've redesigned our bestselling pillows based on feedback from you and your clients, so now the foam is softer but is still antibacterial, mite resistant and doesn’t hold onto any moisture which might affect your glue’s behaviour. The sides still slope downwards a little, meaning that when the weight of your client’s head is on it, it is a completely flat surface which prevents your products from rolling and gives you the perfect surface to place your tools!

Just to help you get your salon looking exactly the right kind of stunning based on your preferences, we have this pillow available in a lovely sandy beige, and a universal black. We’ve also made sure that the brand new pillows are completely wipeable, so no need to ruin the look with bed roll – just wipe and welcome your next client!

Framed Pictures

You can get all sorts of cool prints on places like Etsy from artists which can completely transform the look of your space. Put them up with nice frames, or in frameless glass for some cool and elegant touches that speak to you and give clients an idea of your brand. Another option is to get some professional pictures of your work taken and have those up on the wall as a way to show off your skills and portfolio whilst also jazzing up your space!

Lash Mirrors

These are great to have on your trolley to show your clients their lashes at the end of their treatment, but you can also mount them on the wall for a cute little touch to brighten up your space. They happen to be pretty instagrammable too, which means that you have a chance of your clients promoting you to their friends and family – free marketing is always a great idea, and getting your clients to do the legwork for you is pretty much foolproof!

lash salon accessories, lash mirror, eye shaped mirror


Who doesn’t love a good plant? A touch of nature really can go a long way to brighten up a space and can even have a calming influence too. It’s up to you want to get some fresh flowers in, but keep in mind that some clients may be allergic to some flowers where it’s less likely that they’re going to be allergic to pot plants. Also consider that pot plants are easier to maintain, and you can put them in super cute pots to match the rest of your space.

All in all, how you decorate your spaces comes down to personal choice and the kind of aura you want your space to have. At any rate, thinking about your aesthetic choices could be the difference between a 5 star client review and a bunch of referrals, and a nice enough 4 star rating for a good service, and a space that was just okay.