It Aids Retention, Makes Your Clients Feel Good, and Makes You A Better Lash Tech. But Did You Know That Lash Prep Also Does This…

We basically don’t shut up about why good lash prep is essential for good lash retention, and we’ve even talked a bit about how lash extensions prep makes the lash procedure more pleasant for your clients and shows that you’re a Lash Tech that cares about hygiene and cleanliness. One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is that Lash Prep can actually solve one of the most annoying issues that can arise while you’re applying a set of eyelash extensions, which will surely sway you if you’re yet to be swayed for any of the other reasons that Lash Prep is essential. 

Let’s take a look at how we can save ourselves time and frustration by adding one step to our lash extensions treatment.

What’s the Issue?

The issue is one that we’re sure you’ve experienced. Under eye patches lifting while you’re applying extensions. This can happen because your under eye patches are a little on the old side and the gel has dried slightly, and can sometimes happen due to your client's eye shape, but by and large it’s going to be because there is makeup, skincare residue, or even good old fashioned sebum on the skin under the eyes which isn’t allowing your under eye patches to stay in place. 

This can also happen with tape, so even applying tape to hold the eyepatches in place isn’t a foolproof method here. 

an under eye patch lifting away from the skin

Why is it an Issue?

Under eye patches lifting while you work is an issue for a few different reasons. Firstly, it’s super annoying. If there’s one thing you don’t need while you’re applying eyelash extensions, it’s to be annoyed by anything, especially when it’s something as small as an under eye patch. As well as being annoying, the time you’ll spend trying to get it out of your way will eat into your application time, meaning that your clients won’t have as full of a set as they’d like or as they could have if you weren’t fighting with your eye patches. 

Speaking of fullness, when under eye patches lift, it’s really common for them to do so in the inner corners. When this happens, the lashes in the inner corners can be covered by the lifted under eye patches which means that when you come to remove them at the end of the treatment, the lashes that were covered by the under eye patches haven’t been covered with eyelash extensions, leaving the finished set of lashes looking unfinished and quite strange. 

Lastly, under eye patches lifting while you’re applying lashes can also contribute to clients having red eyes after lash extensions for two reasons. Firstly, the movement of the patches and you having to rearrange them is going to result in your client’s eyes being opened slightly and repeatedly, which allows glue fumes to enter the eyes and cause chemical burns. 

Assuming the under eye patches aren’t lifting in a way that you can notice, there is a danger that they can enter the eyes and cause abrasions on the eyeball. This isn’t comfortable for clients in the slightest, and looks pretty painful on the eyes too. Both of these issues can happen for more reasons than this though, so check out this blog post next if this is something that you’d like to know how to avoid.

How Does Lash Prep Help?

Lash prep helps simply by removing the aforementioned makeup, skincare products and sebum that cause the eyepatches to lift. Of course, if you’re only using Lash Cleanser and Lash Primer which are only used on the lashes and don’t touch the skin, then you’ll see no difference to the behavior of your under eye patches. 

The key is to thoroughly cleanse the skin around the eyes. Ideally, you’d be using Lash Shampoo as a first step of  longer lash prep routine, though there is a case for using it as a single step if you’re pressed for time, or if you’re a beginner who’s looking to keep lash supplies to a minimum for the time being. 

lash shampoo on a tray alongside a lash cleansing brush

Lash Shampoo cleanses the lashes and the skin around the eyes, but you’ll see even better results following it up with Protein Removing Cleansing Pads (Protein Pads for short) because they’ll get rid of any residue left behind by the Lash Shampoo. It’s important that you allow the skin to dry at this stage, but once it has, you can apply your under eye patches and/or tape without the fear of them lifting during the eyelash extensions application.

There’s a lot of good that comes from having a good lash prep routine, and we can’t overstate enough the benefits of even just having one product that’s designed to cleanse lashes and skin so that you can work safely, accurately, and give your clients the gift of stunning lashes each and every time they visit you.