Miss Dolla’s Unsung Heroes You Should Try This Black Friday

Attention, Nail Technicians! As the festive season approaches, Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to stock up on your favourite nail products. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to try out products you’ve always wanted at a discounted price. You can get more for your money than ever and level up your nail game in the process. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to try, so we’ve put together our unsung hero products to help you choose.

Gel nail colours for Nail Technicians to have in their gel nail kit

Metal Nail File

Unlike the typical disposable nail file, our Metal Nail File Plate and Nail File Stickers are a more hygienic, eco-friendly option. The sticker can be changed after each client, which reduces waste as well as any chance of contamination! You simply peel off the backing and stick them onto your nail file board, and you’re good to go! Our Nail File stickers come in 1mm or 2mm with multiple choices of grit. 

PH Bond

The pH Bond is a preparatory solution used before applying any type of gel nail polish. It works by balancing the pH level of the natural nail, ensuring better adhesion of gels, acrylics, or other nail products. By using a pH Bond, you can significantly reduce the chances of product lifting or peeling, resulting in longer nail retention and happy clients! Remember, before applying pH Bond, cleanse the nail thoroughly and then apply a thin layer of the product. Allow it to air dry for a few seconds before applying your nail primer.

pH bond for gel nails prep

Rubber Base Coat

Our Rubber Base Coat is a flexible and elastic nail base. It can be built up just like builder gel and provides structure and strength to the nail. Its flexible, rubbery formulation helps in absorbing shocks, preventing chipping or breaking of the nail. Rubber Base Coat can either be applied as a standard nail base coat or in a thicker layer to create a strong base. It can also be used to create 3D nail art, so it’s a multi-use product! 

Ombre Brush

You may already have a range of nail brushes in your gel nail kit, but our Ombre Brush is a specific nail art tool designed to create gradient or ombre effects with nail polish or gel polish. Its bristles are dense at the bottom and sparse at the top, allowing for a smooth blending of colours. All you have to do is apply the desired colours and tease the brush between the two, gently sweeping it over the nail and blending as you go to create a gradient effect.

Ombre nail brush for nail art

Liner Brush

If you don’t have a liner nail brush, you are missing out! The liner brush is a thin, elongated brush used for intricate nail art designs. It's perfect for drawing lines, patterns, and detailed artwork on nails. It is also the perfect tool for manipulating builder gel or Rubber Base Coat to get a completely smooth surface. Our Liner Nail Brushes come in a range of different lengths to cater to all of your nail needs!

Matte Top Coat

We believe everyone should have a matte top coatin their gel nail kit! A matte top coat gives nails a flat, non-reflective finish. It transforms any glossy nail polish into a trendy matte look and also provides an additional layer of protection. It’s a stunning option for clients who want to switch up their nail look! After applying your desired nail color and allowing it to dry, apply a thin layer of the matte top coat as you would with a standard top coat, and cure as usual to achieve that chic matte finish.

Orange French tips with matte top coat

Now you know our favourite, unsung hero products, you’re ready for Black Friday! Whether you’re stocking up on your usual faves, or pushing the boat out to try something new, we are sure you’ll love your new nail goodies! Send us a DM on Instagram if you need any product advice, and of course, don’t forget to tag us in your pics.

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