Follow these pre-treatment steps for
unbeatable retention!

Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo

Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo


Effectively cleans oil, sebum, make-up and dust from lashes

Protein Removing Pads/Cleanser - 75 pads

Protein Removing Pads/Cleanser - 75 pads


Formulated to gently remove any makeup traces

Pre-treatment Cleanser 15ml

Pre-treatment Cleanser 15ml


Removes oils, proteins and traces of make-up from natural lashes

Pre-treatment Lash Primer 15ml

Pre-treatment Lash Primer 15ml


Re-adds moisture to natural lashes to help the glue to bond perfectly

Retention & Speed Booster

Retention & Speed Booster


Gently opens the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes

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Pre-treatment Coconut Lash Primer 15ml (plastic bottle)


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Failure to perform the correct pre-treatment procedure will lead to poor retention and unhappy customers - EVERY technician’s worst nightmare!

Our Pre-Treatment Lash Primer rehydrates natural lashes to allow the glue to perfectly bond to a natural lash. As a result, by using Lash Primer you can increase your retention.


  • Restores the moisture of natural lashes after using Cleanser
  • Improves bonding between the natural lash and the adhesive
  • Speeds up the drying time of the glue
  • Easy to use pipette for a mess-free application
  • Coconut scent
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Paraben, Gluten, Collagen and Guanine Free

 How to Use: 

  • Use London Lash Primer AFTER using London Lash Cleanser.
  • Using the pipette, apply a small drop of primer onto a microfibre brush.
  • Using a microfibre brush, apply the product evenly to natural lashes, focusing on the base of the natural lash - ‘glue zone’. 
  • Repeat throughout the lash line on both eyes. Please make sure your clients keep their eyes closed tightly throughout the entire application process.
  • For professional use only

REMEMBER! Ensure that you don’t have too much product on your microfibre brush. Wipe off the excess if necessary, before applying the primer. Over saturation of the primer can cause the product to run into the client's eyes!

You can also use a wooden spatula, to help you control the application process, watch our tutorial on Instagram!